To say I’m a chess player, isn’t enough. I’m a chess LOVER!

TRUE STORY: My 6 years old son asked one day: I want to play chess!  I was vary happy but terrified at the same time. What if I overwhelmed him with all the rules and strategies, he might not play it any more. That was my inspiration. I explained to my son, 

chess is an amazing game with unlimited imaginations, and that what we should care about.

Chess community deserves a quality garments designs. As chess players ourselves, having a chess oriented designs is what we love and what we want. A will made garment with top creative design is what we aim to present. My partner and I started this business to encourage and support chess by promoting a high end simple but elegant chess oriented fashion designs.

It is our priority to deliver our ideas and implement the highest standards in clothing making industry. So we partnered with one of the biggest USA made quality clothing companies, to make sure that our clients will have the best experience possible with our products.

Stitching Operation Image
Printing Operation Image

We work hand in hand, day and night, with clothing professionals, to choose color patterns, cuts, and thickness to every design. It is our priority to create something we are prude of to present and advertise.  

Our families and people from around the world supports us every day, and we are so thrilled and determined to not let them down, and really do the hard work to keep our promise to our fans and customers by presenting a full experience of our colorful imagination.  

A big THANKS! To for there love and support. Make sure to check them out for their amazing chess contributions. 

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